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PixMaker Lite (SE) and SingNet Seamless Publishing

Impress with 360° PixAround Webpages!

Download your free *PixMaker Lite (Singnet Edition) software and start creating your own dynamic, 360° interactive PixAround Webpages today. Available only to Singnet subscribers, PixMaker Lite (Singnet Edition) lets you create and upload impactful homepages in just 3 easy steps of Snap, Stitch, Publish!™, with no plug-ins needed! You can also create 360° Postcards which you can send to your friends and loved ones via e-mail.

What you'll need:

To get started, you need to take photographs first. All you need is a camera (any camera - SLR or auto-focus, digital cameras) and the PixMaker Lite (SingNet Edition) software. There's no need for expensive photography equipment such as a tripod stand of fisheye lens.

How to create 360° PixAround Webpages:

  1. Take your pictures.
    Moving clockwise in a particular spot, snap a series of photographs all around you (overlap each photo by about 30%). Load the pictures into your PC. If you're using a digital camera, please refer to your digital camera's user guide how to download the pictures into your PC. If you're using a film camera, scan the pictures into your PC. Please remember to save your images in JPG, PCD or BMP

  2. Snap.
    Launch PixMaker Lite (Singnet Edition). Click Snap and locate the series of images.

  3. Stitch.
    Click Stitch to stitch them together into a 360° or partial panorama.

  4. Publish!
    Click "Publish to SingNet" to publish the Webpages directly into your account in your SingNet server. Publish as many PixAround Webpages as you like - there's no limit on the number! More details here.

You can also choose to publish your images as 360° PixAround Scenes or Postcards for storing or sharing with friends and family via e-mail. With PixMaker Lite (Singnet Edition), SingNet subscribers can expect and enjoy a seamless publishing experience!

What's more your visitors need not download an additional browser plug-in to view your PixAround content - it can viewed anytime, anywhere! Have fun, download PixMaker Lite (SingNet Edition) now!

* PixMaker Lite (SE) CANNOT be used to generate profits or monetary gain from the software. It is solely for leisure purposes only.

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