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  Malaysia Fishing

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Pulau Pemanggil,
Pulau Dayang,
Pulau Aur group

These islands situated along the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia are laced with powder fine white beaches. The islands are fringed with corals and blessed with crystal gin clear waters. Pulau Aur is probably the marlin capital for Singaporean with only a few days to spare and a good chance to tangle with the black marlin, the ultimate challenge for sportfishing.

What do I expect to catch? In these waters it is well known for it's sizable population of good-size Dorado, small Black Marlin and of course prized Mackerel. Live baiting at the F.A.D.s and target buoy can produce outstanding results for these pelagic. Not to forget sharks which hunts at these haunts regularly at these sites as they are abound with baitfish. On a good day it's possible the Dorado are running so thick that they actually become pests.

Bottom fishing is a haven for light tackle fishes, the drop-off; shipwrecks provide good action of giant trevally, golden snappers, red snappers, groupers and jacks.

Where do we stay? Lodging on these islands is very charming, rustic, sparse, comfortable and clean. The chalets are divided into air-conditioned or just the cool sea breeze for people who enjoy being closer to nature. For city folks this is the best place to really wind down without burning a big hole in your pockets. The selection of food is considerable from local fare like the island curries to sashimi and of course seafood.

  • 4 Days 3 Night Fishing and Snorkeling on 45ft or 48ft wooden hull with cabin, kitchen, toilet and live well.
  • Meals, fruits, hot and cold beverage are provided.
  • Transport 2 ways Singapore/Malaysia
  • Prices subjected to change with or without prior notice.
  • 50% per pax (Angler) upon confirmation.
  • Full payment to be made 7 days prior departure
  • Trips cancellation less than 7 days before departure - 50% of package price; within 48 hours before departure - 100% of package price.
  • We strongly recommend our customers to buy a travel insurance.


Kenyir and Temenggor Lake
(share the same serenity and fish species)

Kenyir Lake completed in 1985, approximately 55km away from Kuala Terengganu located in the jungles on the edge of Taman Negara, is the country's largest rock-filled hydroelectric dam of sheer scenic beauty occupying an area of about 369 sq. km., creating a lake which consists of more than 300 small islands. An estimated forty rivers are said to combine and form this dam. The quiet serenity of the natural beautiful landscaped, peaceful sanctuary, for those seeking the relaxing pleasures of the great outdoors with their families, other leisurely pursuits include picnics, boating or trekking in the surrounding jungles and it is also known internationally an anglers' haven. Its water teem with several varieties of fish, e.g. Kelah, Kejor, Tengas, Baung, Sebarau, Lampam, Belida, Tapah, Tenggalan, Kalui and ferocious Toman.



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Pulau Dayang, air-con chalets

Black Marlin

Skipjack Tuna

Dorado and Spanish Mackerels


Golden Snapper


Giant Trevally

A beautiful sunrise is one of the many fringe benefits of gamefishing in West Malaysia

Hammerhead Shark

Dorado (Mahi-Mahi)


Rainbow Runner

Big-eye Tuna







Mighty Sebarau of Kenyir

Rapid water of Temenggor




Serenity Lake of Kenyir

Serenity Lake of Temenggor

Serenity Lake of Temenggor