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Test & Measuring Equipment Items

NOItem's NameModelBrandCountry QtySpecifications
1Digital Storage Adapter2501 Bk PrecisionUSA1 Unit 10MS/s, Dual channel, 2K Word/Ch, 5m to 5V/div, 80s to 20 us/div
2Digital MultimeterTM451ThandarUK 1 UnitOhm, AC and DC, V and A, Manual and Auto Ranging
3Digital Multimeter W/Adaptor1503ThurlbyUK2 Units Ohm, AC and DC, V and A, Frequency, Diode, Manual / Auto Ranging
4Decade Capacitance Box1071TimeUK1 Unit 10p to 100uF Accurancy 1% (Bi-polar working)
5CRT CameraM-085DAcmelJapan1 Unit Lens 75mm, Aperature 3.5 to 32 (680 grams)
6Camera Hood#85-24AcmelJapan1 Pc 107mm x 130mm Rectangular
7Digital Storage OscilloscopeVC-6050HitachiJapan3 Units 60MHz, 40MS/s, 2-Channel, 4K Words Memory, CRT Readout, GPIB
8Static Capacitance AdaptorDV-009HitachiJapan1 Set Adaptor for capacitance measurement
9Temperature AdaptorDV-010HitachiJapan1 Set Adaptor for temperature probe
10Clamp-On Current AdaptorDV-041HitachiJapan1 Set DC: 0-200A, AC: 0-150A
11Capacitance AdaptorDV-042HitachiJapan2 Sets C: 4n-400uF, Resolution: 1p-0.1nF
12TR AdaptorDV-043HitachiJapan1 Set hFE: 0-4000, IDSS: 0-40mA
13Temperature ProbeNo: 4261HitachiJapan8 Pcs K(CA) Type, -20 to 700 degree C, Shealth Type
14Temperature ProbeNo: 4272HitachiJapan11 Pcs K(CA) Type, -20 to 600 degree C, Surface Sensor
15Temperature ProbeNo: 4273HitachiJapan2 Pcs K(CA) Type, -20 to 250 degree C, Roller Surface
16Regulated DC Power Supply1353-BFK&HTaiwan4 Units Triple output (0 to 30V, 0 to 3A)x2, fixed 5V 3A, 4 Analog meters
17Regulated DC Power Supply3053-BFPantekTaiwan1 Unit Triple output (0 to 30V, 0 to 3A)x2, fixed 5V 3A, 4 Analog meters
18Regulated DC Power Supply6001-CFPantekTaiwan10 Units Dual output (0 to 60V, 0 to 1A)x2, 4 Analog meters
19Regulated DC Power Supply3002-BFPantekTaiwan21 Units Dual output (0 to 30V, 0 to 2A)x2, Preset Selector, 4 Analog meters
20Programmable Power SupplyuPS-3003A-TDPantekTaiwan2 Units Dual output (0 to 30V, 0 to 3A)x2, Digital meters, IEEE Interface
21Bench MeterFaithfulTaiwan8 Sets
22Synthesized Signal GeneratorGE-503AndoJapan1 Unit 1 to 520MHz, AM, FM, Pulse Modulation, Accuracy: <+/-1x10^5
23Universal BridgeLCR-6AndoJapan1 Unit L:1m to 200H, C:5p to 200uF, R:50m to 2M Ohm
24Ultra Super-MegohmeterSM-10ETOAJapan1 Unit 2x160^16 Ohm, Measuring voltage: 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 1000V DC
25FM/AM Signal GeneratorJSG-1000BJung JinKorea1 Unit 100K to 110MHz, 6 digit display, Output: -20 to 100dBu
26FM/AM Signal GeneratorJSG-1050AJung JinKorea1 Unit 100K to 110MHz, 6 digit display, Output: -20 to 100dBu
27FM/AM Signal GeneratorJSG-1165AJung JinKorea1 Unit 100K to 165MHz, 6 digit display, Output: -20 to 126dBu
28Remote ControllerRA-5500Jung JinKorea2 Sets Remote Controller for TAD / Telephone JDD-5500
29Circuit DebuggerDCD-200ADaehoKorea5 Sets Circuit debugging, O/S testing, CMOS, TTL, IC, LSI, ASIC
30Circuit DebuggerDCD-300ADaehoKorea2 Sets Circuit debugging, O/S testing, CMOS, TTL, IC, LSI, ASIC, w/Screen
31MultiplexerDMX-240BDaehoKorea1 Unit Automatic high-speed multi-scanning of 40 pins
32MultiplexerDMX-280BDaehoKorea1 Unit Automatic high-speed multi-scanning of 80 pins
33SDH/PDH AnalyserAP-4504AndoJapan2 Units SDH/PDH with SDH STM 16(2.5G) Optical Module (1.55um)
34Decade Attenuator BoxAL-205AndoJapan2 Units Decade Attenuator Box
35Note Book Digital OscilloscopeVC-5410HitachiJapan2 Units Color LCD Digital Oscilloscope 20 MHz, 20Ms/s, 2 channel
36Video Pattern GeneratorVC-1100GrundigGermany1 Unit Video Pattern Generator
37DC Power SupplyHE35-5HivicJapan12 Units DC Power Supply, 0-35V, 0-5A, Remote Control
38Frequency Counter6010TaborIsrael1 Unit High Performance Frequency Counter, 125MHz, GPIB, 1.3GHz C-Channel