Goldfish Everywhere Part III

Section 1 Hong Kong Goldfish Pagoda

1. A sign leading to Goldfish Pagoda

2. Forth ground doorway is the entrance to the goldfish display. Exit at the rear doorway

3. A living work of art

4. Jumbo Oranda in a Six foot tank

5. Another view of the display

6. Top view tank, a better view to appreciate the froghead goldfish

7. Beautiful tri-colored oranda

8. New breed, short tail black and red moore

9. Jumbo oranda in three colors, red, red & whilte and a Sukura

10. New breed, Chocolate Ryukin. There is nothing the Chinese can't produce except those beyond your imagination

11. A precious Nanking Goldfish, Japan

12. Al's Veils, a great contribution from the west to the goldfish world

13.Al's beautiful veils

14. Goldfish embroider

15. Silk embroider of goldfish. Skilful needle work by the Chinese

16. Display of antique

17. Goldfish Stone curving

18. Another Goldfish Stone curving

19. Pond full of Gold at the Goldfish Pagoda

20. Early spring in Hong Kong, beautiful bloom for the Chinese new year

Section II Tung Choi Street, A Goldfish Paradise

1. Busy Tung Choi Street, all eagerly looking for their favourite fish

2. Aquarium is generally small in Hong Kong, but well stock with fish

3. Goldfish everywhere, I am confused....Alvin

4. Wow!

5. Top,tank full of 7" Ranchu from one of the best aquarium. Bottom, Butterflies and more Ranchu

6. Look at the second & bottom tier, hard to believe there is water. All you can see a patch of red

7. This is worth more than the price of gold

8. Alvin's wife Siew Tiang - Can you notice a one foot koi in a plastic bag above her?

9. Road side peddling goldfish, everyone select with full of concentration

10. Old lady selling bloodworm wrapped in newspaper

11. This is a 8" lionhead from Fuchow, China

Section III The men behind Tanglin Mall Goldfish Show

1. Goldfish is part of our life. From left: Alvin Lim, Patrick Chan (Hong Kong) & Shawn Tay. (Organiser of Tanglin Mall Goldfish Show)

Alvin Lim

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