Last update: October 13, 1998

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Welcome to A Newbie's Guide To Classical CDs 

We believe that there are many classical music lovers who invest heavily in classical CDs. Given the multitude of CDs out there, even the most discerning collector occasionally errs and buys a less than satisfactory recording. We are here to help you stop wasting money on inferior recordings!  

How do we plan to do this?  

By reviewing a number of our favorite classical CDs each month, and keeping them untechnical and friendly in tone so that they'll be accessible to everyone.  

By maintaining a section that is devoted to Prokofiev recordings only. No self-respecting Prokofiev aficionados should miss this as it tells you the very best Prokofiev recordings you can get across nearly the whole repertoire!  

You can also write to us to tell us what you like (and dislike) about this site. We'll also appreciate it if you can write us to tell us about classical recordings that you have enjoyed and want to tell others about! Do tell us too about works that you want to see featured in the following months.  

If you have a classical recording you really enjoy and want to share with others, we strongly urge you to e-mail us your reviews so that we can put them up on our web-site. Help us and others to make better buying decisions!