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Observing the Night Sky in Singapore

Observational Astronomy is my hobby. I usually look at the sky from my front yard garden with a pair of binoculars and a 5-inch telescope. The light pollution around my garden is so serious that I have to block the street lamps and light from my neighbor by cardboard in order to observe the sky properly.

In Singapore, we can easily see stars of magnitude 3. Some people with good eyesight can see stars of magnitude 4 and even 6 under exceptionally good viewing condition; they can make out the six brightest stars of the Pleiades. We cannot see any nebula except M42 of the Orion. Neither can we see Galaxies nor the Milky Way because of serious light pollution and skyglow. Despite all these, we can have hours of fun trying to recognize constellations, searching for star clusters and admiring the rich star field that come alive in the binoculars and telescope.

Read on if you want to hear more about star gazing from my front yard garden.

If you want to find out what is up in Singapore sky right now, click on here.

I use a color CCD camera to take pictures of heavenly objects. The CCD overcomes the problems of skyglow and light pollution. It is pretty amazing to see nebulae and galaxies appear on the computer screen after a few minutes of exposure and simple image processing.
Read on if you want to learn more about my CCD imaging experience right from my front yard.

Here are some of the pictures I have captured for your viewing pleasure:

1. Moon

2. Nebulae

3. Star Clusters

4. Stars

5. Galaxies

6. Planets


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