Driving School  Private Driving Instructor


Driving Instructor : Mr  Peck Chin Huat


HP : 97-30-40-50

Enrolment Procedures for Private Candidates




 1)  You have to be at least 18 years of age at the point of registration.
 2)  You have to make your way down to open an account with any of the 3 driving schools

      (ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, Bukit Batok Driving Centre and Singapore Safety Driving Centre).

       Operating hours Mon - Fri 830am-800pm Sat & Sun - 830am - 12pm.


A. During registration:

 3)  You have to bring along your identity card and payment is by nets or cash card.

 4)  You can choose to learn practical driving lesson either from the school or from a private instructor

     (Scroll down to look at the advantages of learning from a private instructor).

 5)  With the account, you will be able to book your Basic Driving Theory Test through the Driving school

     websites or service kiosks found in the Driving schools.

 6)  The account (with a validity of 12 months) with any of the driving schools at $10.70.

 7)  For each theory test, you will have to pay $6.

 8)  You can also self-study by purchasing the Basic/final Theory Textbooks from any of  the major

     leading bookstores or from the driving schools.


B. After you passed your Basic Theory test:

  9)  You are qualified to take the practical driving lesson.

10) You can apply Class 3 Provisional Driving license (PDL) at Traffic Police Department Testing Branch

     Counter with your result slip and identity card or passport.

11) Payment is by Nest or Cash card  and you have to pay $25 for the PDL (with a validity period for 6 months)

12) The PDL can be renewed at any Post Office (Singpost), for a renewal fee of $25.

13) You can than take your practical driving lesson while studying for your Final driving Theory test.


C. Enrolling for Driving Lesson:

14) You can enroll as a student into a driving school or engage a private driving instructor for driving lesson

      (Scroll down to look at the advantages of learning from a private instructor).


D. After you passed your Final Driving Theory Test:

15) You are qualified to take the Practical Driving Test.

16) You will need to top up $20 in your account once you have passed your Final Driving Theory Test to sign

      up for the Practical Driving Test.

17) while applying for the Practical Driving Test, you will have to produce the result slip and Class 3 Provisional

      Driving License.

18) This Final Driving Theory Test has a validity period of 24 months from the date of test.


E. Important things to note:

19) However, if you enrolled as a student but wish to withdraw and engage a private instructor, you will have to

      close your school account.

20) You will then have to open another account again at a private learner.




Driving School Test Center in Singapore

Comfort DelGro Driving Center

205 Ubi Avenue 4
Singapore 408805
Tel: 6841 8900

Singapore Safety Driving Center

Main Office : 2 Woodlands lndustrial park E4 Singapore 757387.

Branch Office : Blk 635 #01-5113 Ang Mo Kio Street 61
Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 3
Singapore 560635
Hotline : 6482 6060
Tel : 6455 8113

Bukit Batok Driving Center

815 Bukit Batok West Ave 5
Singapore 659085
Tel: 6561 1233



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