Basic Internet ToOlZ for Windows 95/98

These programs are my basic ToOlZ for net surfing. They include programs for web browsing, e-mailing, news reading, etc.

To begin, click the icons below to download the programs directly to your hard disk. If you need to go to the home page from where the program originated from (you could find programs for other operating systems like Windows 3.1), click the underlined words on the right side.

Download ZoneAlarm 6.5.722

ZoneAlarm 6.5.722. Everybody needs a free firewall. This one does it best! Download directly from their web site.
Download Netscape Navigator 7.2 (full)

Download Netscape Navigator 8.1.2

Netscape Navigator 7.2/8.1.2. An excellent freeware net browser.
Download Eudora Pro 7.0.1 Eudora Pro 7.0.1. The Pro version of this fabulous e-mail client is now a freebie!!! Quick, download it NOW!

Download Core FTP Lite 1.3c (6 Jul 2006) Core FTP Lite 1.3c (6 Jul 2006). A free FTP client to transfer files from your hard disk to a remote server or from one server to another server. This really rocks!

Download Free Download Manager 2.1 Free Download Manager 2.1. A superb free download manager that can meet all your needs!!!

Download XNews 5.04.25 XNews 5.04.25. A high quality freebie News Reader. Very good indeed.
Download mIRC 6.20 mIRC 6.20. An easy to use Internet Relay Chat client. Easily the world's favorite!
Download QuickZip 3.06.3 QuickZip 3.06.3 A free archiver that can handle my large files. Wow!

Idea for this page was conceived on 20 Jan 1997. Updated on 8 Oct 2006.

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