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What makes my home page worth visiting ?

That will largely depend on whether any of your interests coincide with mine. My aim is to cover things that interest me, which I have myself searched for on internet, finding little or no content. Since setting these pages up, sometimes other pages have appeared covering the same topics. Where I have discovered other good pages I provide links. I have tried to ensure that the content I have contributed does not simply repeat what is already available elsewhere. This page is evolutionary so new topics and enhanced content should be available frequently. Since the pages provided by other people which I link to, do not have links back to mine I suggest you BOOKMARK this one now.

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My Children, Click Here to see them - Updated Jan 05

My other Interests


Curved Air / Sonja Kristina - Updated Jun 08

Fox / Noosha Fox - Updated Dec 13 (+ new sleeve images)

Miro / Mir - Updated Jan 08

Tiger Lillies - Updated Jun 11

White on Black - Updated Sep 06

Making Music - New Dec 03


Flambards - Updated Dec 03

Dr. Syn - Updated Mar 09

Jean De Florette / Manon Des Sources

La Belle Noiseuse

Un Coeur En Hiver


Shoestring - Added Sep 05

More Movies Which I Like - Updated Jun 13

Books (By Author)

Paul Adirex - Updated Mar 05

Christopher G. Moore

A.J. Quinnell - Updated Jul 2015


Henri IV - (separate site created by me)

Moussan - Updated Jul 06

Narbonne - Updated Apr 04

Rennes Le Chateau




Singapore - Updated May 04

Thailand - Updated Jun 2013 (language page)


Mortlock Islands - Updated Jan 05


My 3D Animation Blog - Added Jun 2013

Grove Park School, Crowborough - Updated Sep 08

Home Entertainment Technology - Updated Aug 04

Mortlock Family Tree - Updated Jun 2013

Mortlock Info - (separate site created by me)

UFOs - Added Jul 04

Wiveliscombe - Created Aug 03

 Favourite Links

Ancient Egypt

Batam Dragon Beer - Added Jan 06

Bill's Home Page - Added Dec 06

Brewing Beer in Singapore Blog - Added Oct 06

Cubby Hole - Added Dec 06

Frasquenet - Added Jan 08 - Added Oct 06

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