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Some interesting facts:
  1. Crocker's bank commercial
  2. Their music awards
  3. Concerts held
  4. A visit to the White House
  5. Now and Then
  6. Don't cry for me argentina
  7. The wedding song (Because we are in love)
Crocker's bank commercial
1970 - The Crocker Citizen's Bank in California was launching a television campaign to attract customers among young married couples. The theme was to be :"You've got a long way to go. We'd like to help you get there."
Richard heard the 60-second, 2-verse part of the song commercial on TV and felt it had been crafted for Karen with the haunting melody and moving lyrics. There was indeed an extended lyric and melody when Richard enquired the song producers Nichols and Williams. Karen invested the theme with a sincerity essential for its target audience of newly weds.
In May 1970, Karen recorded the song "We've Only Just Begun" to stamp her voice on the international map.Thousands of young couples on the threshold of marriage adopted the song as their anthem. "We've only just begun" became the Carpenters second consecutive smash (a mere 3 months after "Close to you") and clinched a gold record soon.
Their Music awards
They had twelve Top TEN HITS and a total of twenty Top 40. They were nominated 12 times and awarded 3 Grammys. Apart from the US, their albums/singles have achieved gold/platinum records in Africa, Australia,, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands & the United Kingdom.
Concerts held

1971 - played 145 concerts, excluding European tour and TV shows, plus ten TV appearances on U.S. TV, plus the "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" series, and recording sessions.

1972 - they played 174 concerts, excluding a scheduled six-teen cabaret performances at Eden Rock, Miami, which ended up as two due to contractual dispute. That year they also did six TV shows and made the album A Song For You

1973 - 174 concerts, plus the Now And Then album and three TV shows.

1974 - 203 concerts

1975 - 118 concerts plus scheduled Japanese and European tours (46 shows) which were postponed into 1976. Another album Horizon.
A Visit to the White House
As Karen became youth chairman of the American National Cancer Society and the Carpenters donated profits that would eventually top $100,000 from their concert programs to aid research, their music and personalities fell under the eye of President Nixon. He saw them as the ideal totems of the kind of American youth he wanted to encourage: apparently against drugs and perpetuating the middle-American ethic.

In September 1972, President Nixon invited the Carpenters to the White House for a photo session where Nixon presented Richard with a set of golf balls and cuff links and Karen with a gold powder compact, all bearing the presidential seal. He then proclaimed Richard and Karen publicly as as "young American at its best," he feted them by inviting them to play during a state visit by the West German chancellor, Willy Brandt.
Now And Then
In 1973, pop fans suddenly realised they had a rich heritage that stretched back two decades. One day early in 1973, driving to A&M, Richard "heard" the melody and lyrics in his head for a song to reflect the nostalgia. It would become one of their noted anthems: "When I was young, I would listen to the radio.". By the time he reached A&M, he was able to play the chorus to Karen. That night he wrote the first verse and called in John Bettis to complete "Yesterday Once More".

When Richard mentioned the idea for the album to his mother - one side of oldies, another more contemporary - she suggested the title Now And Then.
Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Just when Maddona was enjoying much popularity and media coverage after recording "Don't Cry For Me Argentina", Karen had already recorded it about 2 decades ago in 1977.
When he heard the song "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" from the musical "Evita", Richard knew it would be perfect for Karen. He wanted a symphonic arrangement. Impressed with the abilities of the British conductor and arranger Peter Knight, he invited him to fly in for the session.
Knight flew in LA on May 15, 1977, to begin a musical partnership and friendship with the Carpenters. With Karen's stunning reading of "Argentina" and Knights rich arrangement, the song was recorded in 3 months.
This song included in their Passage album was however, censored/not included in Argentina owing to political reasons.
The Wedding Song
RC & KC "Because We Are In Love" (The wedding song) was co-written by Richard and John Bettis for Karen's Wedding. The respected British conductor and arranger, Peter Knights, was invited to fly in to score it in time for the wedding. The choir on the album track was directed by Frank Pooler, their former university tutor.
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